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PVC Roof Care and Maintenance document added to Resources


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Updating this thread for future roof membrane patchers. This is what was offered when I contacted parts:

ITEM #12254
DESCRIPTION Membrane - 38" - 25mm PVC - Tufflex - White
$1.95 per sqaure foot
+ shipping

That is, they offer a cut off a 38" roll now versus a 9 foot (108") wide roll posted earlier.

That makes the minimum quantity of one foot work out to 3.2 instead of 9 square feet.

Regarding the idea of getting cut-off pieces: when looking into this, I found more than one Facebook posts where owners had contacted service and were sent scraps at no charge, for the purpose of doing small patches. Apparently this is no longer offered.

I'm not mad about it, just sharing so others will know what to expect. I need a 3" square piece to patch a tear the size of a pea. I'm glad to have a three sq-ft piece to have plenty for future needs. Not free, but can't complain about less than $10 bucks plus shipping. At least I know i'm getting the exact material I need, versus taking my chances at my dealer parts counter or Amazon.