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Cracked front Cap

I purchased my 2022 Pardigm 340RL 5th wheel in March of 2022. 6 months ago. So, under full warranty. My wife and I are full time RV,ers and have traveled from Murfreesboro, where we bought our RV from A&L RV to Crossville to Pikeville TN. Maybe 500 miles? The front cap has developed a crack. 12 inches long. Anyone experienced this problem with the front cap on their Alliance RV? Any resolution? I'm guessing it's a stress crack. I'm in communications with both A&L and Alliance. Been getting the run-around from A&L, getting this repaired under warranty. Why? They are the source of my own stress.

Misery loves company, Lindy


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Jim Beletti

Owner Experience Liaison
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@Lindys_All_forum_acct - sorry to hear about this crack in your front cap. If you feel more comfortable speaking with our team direct, feel free to do so until you have an appointment date at a place all parties agree upon.