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Pantry Door


Hello everyone! My Husband and I are proud owners of a 2024 Alliance RV Avenue 32RLS. We are in love with this trailer!

So, we went to pick it up yesterday, did the walk through (showing of everything) and came down to the wire of closing everything back up. The stove/TV slide was being brought in, when it wasn't closing in as should. The worker said they were going to have to get that looked at by one of the technicians. When we came down the steps from bath/bed hallway, we noticed the trim on slide was cracked and broke. Prior to this incident, we also noticed that the pantry door handle seemed broke. Well, now it was really broke.

See what happened was the pantry door never got closed shut, and when bringing the slide out in🫣, it caught on the door handle of the pantry. In the worker's defense, this clearly happened before-just this time the handle gave way and the trim piece finally cracked/broke all of the way through.

They are ordering us a new piece of trim, door and hinges.

Our suggestion/idea is to put the pantry door on spring loaded hinges. And if you're reading this, maybe share with those who have 32rls or similar layouts.
Thank you for considering this post and have a blessed day!


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Yep. The pantry door only has a small clearance from the slide out. Haven't figured out a better way yet.


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I’ve often felt the hinging on these doors was on the wrong side. Maybe I’m different in my way of getting food out of a hinged pantry but my preferred way to do it is open the door with my left hand as I’m right handed, then reach in with my right hand and take out what I need and set it done on the closest surface before closing the door with my left hand. I find a door that opens into a room an inconvenience. Ultimately we’ve decided against any models with that door on the pantry and are going with the smallest Paradigm instead. I admit, the hinging on the left could cause the door knob to hit the fridge accidentally if flung open but having it block the passage between the counter and the fridge seems like a recipe for disaster also.


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This is the latch we purchased. I also cut down the handle on the cupboard above the pantry.

Patio Door Latch - Safe and Secure Drop-in Lock for Your Sliding Glass Doors, Patio Door Security Latch (Made in The USA) (Wide, Black Powder Coat Finish) https://a.co/d/gUqJHLb


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Those look a lot like the barn door and sliding door in the Paradigms we saw at the dealer in Anderson, Calif.