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No Power to Leveling System


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We recently purchased an Alliance Avenue 33RKS and immediately had issues with the leveling system. Our first attempt to level the system ended with the process stopping and we seemed to have no power to the unit.. It just wouldn't come on. Checking online I saw on a site where there should be a fuse or breaker between the battery and the controller, so went looking for that the next morning. Could not find it so I called technical support with RV Complete to see where else I might look for it or a cause for the system not powering on. They too thought there should be something there and were at a loss to help me. I eventually found that the ground had come loose feeding the controller. I was able to get that fixed and the system powered on with the usual faults. That was just the beginning of my problems which has landed my brand new unit back at the dealership for repairs. Should there be a breaker between the battery and the control unit? Wondering if others Alliance Avenue came with one in place.


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The most likely is a 50 amp breaker (12 volt) that looks like this. Look REALLY hard for the small reset button. I have shown the reset button with a red arrow.