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TCL TVs and cable from a park provider

Hi y'all maybe I should have known better, but I didn't. And if you don't either, you're about to learn what I did. If you have a TCL in your rig, to properly get cable from a park provider, you'll attach the cable to your Nautilus panel, then:

1. turn off the antenna
2. Turn on TV
3. Select home screen
4. Settings>TV inputs>live TV>scan for antenna channels.

Don't let the word antenna throw you off. Hit "Start finding channels" and it will locate all cable channels. The Cable TV as an input won't work for you.


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Thanks for this! We took our shakedown this past weekend in our new 372RK and I am ashamed to admit I struggled a bit to navigate between Antenna signal and cable signal after scanning for both. There is a "TV" button on the remote and after turning off (or on) the booster button for the antenna I had to hit the "TV" button to toggle between antenna or cable channels. Anyone aware of a better way to control the input between antenna and cable?