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Paradigm Kitchen Lights


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Wife wants to swap out lights over our kitchen island. Wants to know if the same lights in the Avenue will fit in our 2022 310RL. If so, who can we get a part number and pricing on them from? Thanks


One of our lights went out over our island. How do you replace the light bulb?


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That is a very good question. I just looked at mine and I don't see an easy solution. I didn't want to try to twist too hard for fear of breaking something. Might want to give Alliance a call or email on this one.


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One of our lights went out over our island. How do you replace the light bulb?
We recently changed out the pendant light shades in the kitchen of our 340RL. The bulb is not a typical bulb that is unscrewed from a socket. The bulb has a female thread on the bottom of the bulb that threads on to a threaded aluminum tube that runs up through the bronze tube into the ceiling. To remove the bulb, I'd recommend you start by removing the two screws from the flange that mounts to the ceiling. The wires from the bulb run up through the tube into the ceiling and connect via wire nuts to a wire that connects to the other light and both are connected to a power source. When we swapped out our shades, one of the bulbs was removed easily. The other one, not so much. It had loctite or some other adhesive on it and I was unable to unscrew it. For what's its worth, when you remove the light from the ceiling, check the connection where the wires connect to make sure something didn't shake loose. If the bulb is bad, you will more than likely have to order a replacement from Alliance.

I hope this information is useful.