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Leak in bedroom with Schwintek slide closed


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Greetings all. Returned to our 340RL after a couple weeks away. When I opened the bedroom slide, we noticed a cup or so of very clean water running down the face of the hallway closet doors and an another cup or so of water pooled in the floor. I assume that it had leaked in on top of the slide and just got "squeegee'd" in when we opened the slide? The top of the slide is stained from tree sap, etc, so I'm surprised it looked so clean. (I've tried gently scrubbing the top of the slides to clean them) We dried all that up with a towel. Then, when I went around the bed over by the front cap closet, I noticed a (stained) dried pool of water around where the slide would have been when closed. Apparently it had been trickling in with the slide closed, and running down the trim and onto the floor.

Although I have slide toppers on order, I do not have any installed. Before closing the slides, I always get up on the roof and blow off the slide tops. Our camper is on a pad under a bunch of trees and there's always debris on the slide tops after a weekend of being here. This is the first time since we bought the unit new in January 2022 that this has happened, so I assume some debris got caught under the seal before I closed it up? Is that a reasonable assumption? Not real sure how to check/clean. I've always heard that you can't stop a Schwintek partially open/closed; that it needs to go all the way in or out without stopping.

Hopefully slide toppers will get here soon and this won't be an issue.


I would lean toward the debris getting into the seals, we had that happen once with another brand and found a small twig in the seal, it never hurt anything (thankfully), but gave us a good scare.