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How to turn OFF water to Ice Maker and turn the Ice Maker OFF on the Samsung Refrigerator

Jim Beletti

Owner Experience Liaison
Staff member
In my 2022 Paradigm 340RL, I have the Samsung French Door, Bottom Freezer refrigerator. This model has a built-in Ice Maker. While Alliance does not connect the water supply to the refrigerator, some dealers make the connection as part of their PDI or at the request of the buyer.

In some cases, a buyer may prefer to turn off this water supply and turn off the Ice Maker feature in the refrigerator. The instructions and images below show how to do this with the setup I have in my coach.

In my 340RL, a valve in the kitchen sink base cabinet controls water flow to the Ice Maker line the exits the frame on the off-door side. In my case, this valve is teed off the cold water line (blue PEX) to the faucet, then the line comes out of the valve and down into the underbelly. Rotate this valve 90 degrees so the handle is no longer inline with the PEX line. Note that my Ice Maker is not hooked up to the water supply at the Refrigerator and this valve is in the ON position in my coach. As water is connected to the coach at this time, there must be another valve downstream in the line, likely between the frame and the slide floor.


In my 340RL, I have the Samsung refrigerator. Inside the refrigerator on the right-hand side is a Control Pad. From this Control Pad, you can turn OFF the Ice Maker feature. In my case, I followed these steps:
1. Press the Enter button (round symbol) until the Ice Maker is selected (4 presses for me)
2. Press the Right arrow button until OFF is selected (1 press for me)
3. Press the Enter button one more time to select OFF - and you're done.



Hi Jim
I thought I would add a note to winterise the ice maker and get your approval. As a note
I also have a valve for the ice maker behind the panel in the bottom cabinet next to the refrigerator. This valve was installed by my dealer when they connected the ice maker. I did not close this valve to winterise.

To winterise I like blowing out the water from all my lines before I pump antifreeze. The first line I blow out is the line to the ice maker. I disconnected the flexible hose under the kitchen slide, after I turned off the water to the rv. I removed the rubber seal from the hose and blew out the water and let the water drain back from the ice maker. (Remove seal before you blow out the line to prevent losing seal). I then turned off the air and reconnected the line with the seal. To make sure all water is out of the line to the ice maker I then reconnected the air at a low pressure (25 to 30 pounds) and pressed the reset button on the bottom left corner of the ice maker to cycle the ice maker to blow out any remaing water. I then closed the valve under the sink that you showed supplying water to the ice maker. I do this so you do not pump antifreeze to the ice maker. Once ice maker is isolated I continue blowing out all other lines. I then change the valving in the nautilus and pump antifreeze. Hope this helps other rv owners and please let me know if you would add anything else. Or have other suggestions.

Jim Beletti

Owner Experience Liaison
Staff member
Yes, the nautilus isolates the water heater when placed in winterization.

Well you're ahead of me on knowing that :) My coach is in my shop here at the house. Hoping to not have to winterize it. But yeah, I am new to the Nautilus panel and I understand what you're saying about following the process on the panel for various modes. Thanks!