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What are these wires and where do they go?


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As another post asks, I also need to know where all of the wires going into this hole in the lower right of the front compartment go. There is one + wire I believe that is responsible for one or more DC loads that goes into that hole along with the AC for the fridge, and some other mystery wires I'd like to identify. Please advise.


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Bill Martin

VP, Customer Experience
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That would be dependent on the model you have and the options. As the wires will likely vary depending on a few variables please feel free to reach out to service@alliancerv.com if there is something specific we can assist with.


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390MP. I need to know specifically about the red positive that looks to be 10AWG or so that runs with the other wires into the hole pictured. I need to know where these wires run and what loads are connected to that wire.