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Turning off the Refrigerator


New member
From what I have seen and read that powering off the AC fridge is as easy as turning off the inverter. When I did that the light stays on in the fridge( as well as the light on the TV) put the breaker back on pulled the shore power. Fridge had no power then Inverter kicked in.
Turned off inverter breaker, and lights still stayed on.
Pulling the main breaker didn't make any difference.
Do I need to do a battery disconnect as well? Pulling shore power and inverter breaker I still have power to the Inverter display.

Thanks in advance
If you are disconnected from shore power and turn off the inverter you should have no power to the fridge. You can also try turning off the breaker for the fridge at the panel. If you do either of these things there should be no power to the fridge.

Wally Huber

New member
Flipping the breaker labeled inverter does not turn off the inverter.
refer to the inverter's operator/owner's manual as to how to turn it off. (at the unit or its remote panel}