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Suspension Sag


New member
I purchase my 370FB just over a year ago with approx 3000 miles. I just notice the right side of 370FB is sagging 2", appears leaf springs have gone flat. 5th Wheel weights are within specifications and no additional weight has been added to the right.

Has anyone here experienced leaf springs going bad or do I need an upgrade


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Things do happen earlier than they should. You can always upgrade but you might want to contact Alliance first.


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Having same issue with my 390 MP. Left side (kitchen slide) is lower than the right. Working with Alliance to figure out whether there is a frame or suspension issue. We are on the right in this photo.

I-20 East Texas - 020922.jpg


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Mine is the leaf springs as they have lost their arch. I'm past the Alliance warranty of 1-year and they stated Dexter carries a 2-year warranty. To date, I've not been able to get Dexter to respond to my issue, not sure if they will since it's been two weeks and several emails.

Should Dexter not cover a warranty, Alliance quoted $348 each plus shipping, eTrailer has them for $147 ea with free freight. I'm in the process of confirming if they are in fact the same leaf spring, as that's some price delta between the two.