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Ski Plate Failure


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I own a 2022 Paradigm 310RL. And am traveling full time and just discovered 2 ski plate failures. One, is a repeat offender under the fridge (kitchen) slide out. The other ski plate failure is on the dinette slide. Both are cracked and both are about ready to come completely off.

Questions: 1) Can I run the slides without ski plates until new parts arrive? I’m on the move through Labor Day. 2) Would fabricated sheet metal ski plates be better than what I have now? As I mentioned earlier, the ski plate under the fridge already failed once before early Spring. 3) Why are the ski plates failing?

Any suggestions or opinions regarding my questions would be greatly appreciated. I don’t use FB.

Aunt Lori


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Jim Beletti

Owner Experience Liaison
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@WeBFree - sorry to hear of your slide ski issues. I don't think there's enough institutional knowledge on this forum yet to address this issue for you. Your best bet is to email these pictures to our Customer Experience team at service@alliancerv.com. Include your name, phone, last 6 of your VIN and a description of what is happening, what the previous repair was and that you'd like a call from a team member.
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