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Shower not draining Alliance 40V13

Hello everyone, first post so please be gentle.

So the shower next to the bedroom is not draining on our 40V13 fifth wheel/toyhauler. We just moved into it full time 4 days ago. We noticed almost immediately that the shower drain was not draining at all. We first used baking soda and vinegar to hopefully break up a clogged drain but this was ineffective. I got under the shower to the drain and took apart the one way p valve to see if this was the issue. The P valve was clean, working well when tested, and able to open and close without issue. However just distal to that pipe was a LOT of water that appeared to be backed up. I re-ran the baking soda-vinegar solution without success.

I noticed our grey water sensor was full and therefore emptied both grey tanks. The tanks were able to drain without issue, there was approximately 5 gallons that emptied from both tanks and they ran out without issue. i got on the roof to make sure our vent pipes were open and not clogged and they seemed to be just fine. Grey tank sensor 1 still reads full despite emptying both tanks (and both black tanks).

I am at a loss for troubleshooting at this point, IDK if there is a shower shut off valve that I have not seen or if there is some common issue that you can help me with.

Thank you for your time.

Jim Beletti

Owner Experience Liaison
Staff member
Hi SG - there is no other inline valve for this other than the tank valve. I'm wondering if this gray and black tank valves are mis-marked? This happened to me in my Paradigm 340RL. I thought I had the gray open as we were doing laundry but I was wrong. Due to the mis-marking, I had the black open.

That said, have you opened all 3 or 4 of your tank valves and still, the water will not go down?

If yes, I would begin to suspect that the steel wire inside the cable-pull sheath has become disconnected inside the valve-body. This is a pretty easy repair but you will need to expose the valve to work in it.