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Plumbing issue


New member
I have. 2022 avenue 32rls,,, we really like it,,, going to got out on a trial run this weekend, I’m was checking the water connections,,, and noticed that the kitchen sink and the bath room sink have very little water pressure,,, but the shower and toilet the water pressure is fine,,, I’ve checked the water lines as much as i can to see what the problem could be, can’t figure it out. Has anyone had this problem ? Also the shower drain leaks in the storage area below. Thanks Tony


New member
All of our aerators and the shower head were full of red and blue plastic bits from plumbing assembly. The kitchen would barely flow. I had to clean them all, which was a challenge in the kitchen and shower. I split the shower head apart in half to clear it and glued it back together.

If you can access them, check the all the drain fittings, that they’re assembled properly and hand tight, some of ours weren’t. They can loosen over time too.