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Norcold AC/Propane Refrigerator keeps warming up


New member
we have have a 2022 390 mp with a electric/propane Norcold fridge, on electric the temp keeps going up, i turned it to propane it cools down for a little while then temp goes back up.
any suggestions?


Make sure you have good air flow behind it, I had one previously, and have to keep making sure the ice doesn't build up on the fins in the fridge, and that dirt daubers haven't built a nest in your Gas tubes.

Steve Carlson

New member
First, what temp is it? Put a temp gauge in the freezer and refrig.
What is the temp outside?
Is it loaded with food? Don't over load, allow space between items for air circulation.
Are the fans on top, inside the refrig and freezer running?
On the outside, remove the lower access panel. Look up to see one of your three external fans, is it running?
What temp setting do you have it on? 9 is the coldest.
Sometimes the left door's swing door doesn't catch correctly and doesn't close properly. Remove left door and install 2-3, 5/16" washers on the bottom hinge post.