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Modification to carry stairs of side patio and rear patio of Valor 42V13 while traveling


New member
Hi, I am seeking info from other owners about my idea of attaching a bracket to the rear bumper and vertical side stanchions to carry the two stairways while traveling. It looks quite feasible to me and would allow more room inside the garage for use of the garage for storage and other uses such as exercise equipment, etc. The vertical side stanchions look very sturdy and likely would handle strong bolts to attach U-shaped steel brackets that would hold a bar that would extend from one side to the other, just beyond the fold-down door. There is about 3 inches of surface to attach to just beyond the lateral extent of the fold-down door. On the bumper, appropriately-shaped support bracket(s) can be fashioned to bolt on in a similar manner to the side supports. All in all, the two stairways would fit flatly against the back of the RV with the actual door not being involved in the support preserving its appearance and function. Further, there could be several support U-shaped brackets on the vertical side stanchions to attach additional horizontal support bars for more strength and more options for carrying. I hope this is clear and I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!