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Inverter Issue? Pole issue? Other?


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This pertains to my Paradigm 340RL.

The past couple of trips, we've had trouble with the power on our unit. I've noticed that when we're having issues that the provided Progressive Dynamics Inverter remote display will illuminate the "low battery" light. Pressing the button will indicate that the battery level is below 12v. Generally this happens when we use a couple things with high amp draw; the keurig and fireplace for example. The unit will shut off power for a few seconds and then it will come back on. If we're running the electric fireplace, and try again to make a cup of coffee, the power will cycle. It was chilly this AM, so I fired up an electric heater in the bedroom, and the fireplace. Within 5 minutes, the power cycled. The past few months, we've used multiple electric heaters, TV, Keurig, lights, computers, etc. all at the same time with no issues.

Couple of things to note:
1. The unit has been at this location since purchase in January. Same power pole the entire time.
2. We have a Progressive Industries 50AMP EMS (note: Progressive Industries EMS and Progressive Dynamics Inverter are two different pieces of equipment; It's confusing that they both have Progressive in the name).
3. On the EMS, I am seeing E 0 (No problems), and E06 (Indicating Line 2 voltage low).
4. On the EMS I am seeing 120+ Volts on BOTH lines. This conflicts with the E06 message.
5. On the snowy evening the camper was backed into this spot and first hooked up, I was getting a good shock anytime I touched anything metal outside the camper. No shocks when I woke up the next morning, and I purchased and installed the EMS that day.

I know the obvious answer is "contact the park manager". I plan to do that, but would also like input on possible issues with my unit, things I can check myself and possibly whether I should bypass the park manager and just call an electrician.


Andrew - I am not an electrician, but it sounds a bit like you might have a hot skin issue. Mike Sokal writes a lot about RV electricity issue so you might want to look at his website rvelectricity.com. He also has a book that has a lot of good info in it. Good Luck!
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Update: Park manager sent out an electrician. Happened to be while we were away, so I have no idea what was done. The E06 error is gone, and I've seen amperage draws on both legs at times, and only on one leg at times. I don't know enough about 240 to understand why that might be. So far, so good. Additionally, I think I may have a bad space heater (bedroom), as anytime it's plugged in, it'll run for about 10 mins or so, then the camper will 'reset'. Meaning, everything shuts off for about 10 seconds then comes back on. I only let that happen once, so I'm not sure if the Progressive Dynamics Inverter panel was showing low 12v again or not. I also don't know whether that particular bedroom plug runs through the inverter or not. I also moved the coffee maker from the coffee bar over to the stove area. Not where I want it, but thinking that plug may not run through the inverter circuit.

I'd like to have the RV CheapHeat setup installed before next winter, but for a 50AMP unit, this thing sure doesn't seem to be able to handle much of a load. I guess we'll see what happens this summer when it gets hot and I try to run all 3 A/C's.
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sigh… just parked the unit at a state park and inverter breaker is throwing and we’re getting an e-6 code. So it would appear there is an AC short somewhere. Camper was fine on the last trip. Thankfully the furnace is not on the inverter and we have managed to get it up to 65 degrees..

I took the main panel cover off and don’t see anything obvious, other than about half of the white neutral wires are super yellow…My Progressive Industries EMS at the pole isn’t reporting any AC issues there… so it’s got to be something in the unit.

I’ve tried disconnecting the negative battery cable, but it had no effect. I’ve also shut down power at the pole and restarted it. No change.

I’ve tested input voltage at the panel and have 126v on both legs.

Here’s another weird thing… if I kill power at the pole, and turn off the battery disconnect, all the lights stay on, the furnace stays running, the fireplace stays on and the water pump keeps running. I don’t understand that behavior… shouldn’t it all shut down??

The only thing that’s changed was hauling the camper about 6 hours since it was last hooked up.

Any ideas where to go next?
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