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So the listed height for our 32RLS Ave is 12’ 10” does this include to the top of the front a/c or from ground to roof only?


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Typically the height listed is over the top of your A/C. It would be a good idea though to check it yourself just to make sure.


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I've found the best way to check the actual height is to hook your 32 up to your truck, jacks up like you're ready to roll. Lay a 2x4 on edge or something long and straight across the front A/C extending over the side of the 32. Have someone with a tape measure from the 2x4 to the ground. It's easier for them to grab the top edge of the 2x4 with the tape and then you subtract 3 1/2" from the total. Or if you're like me you don't subtract and use that as a cushion.