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Full time newbies & Alliance 370fb owners


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Hi everyone,
My hubby Ron and I are both in our early 60's. We had lived on our 20 acres in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Corona CA, for over 22 years. Sold our home and moved on. Decided to downsize since just us two and Ron wants to work another 10 years before he retires and starts making bird houses, lol.
I went to look at 5th wheels and was so shocked at how beautiful they were in today's day and age.

Paid cash for our 2022 Alliance 370fb and if the Lord wasn't on our side, don't know where we would be. Had no where to put it and a friend told us of a rv park for 55 plus. Checked it out and loved the park. We bought a space/lot and we have been full timers for 3 months now and loving it. It was so hard to downsize, but after a while, I was literally giving away boxes. It was like a cleansing and it felt great.
Making our place a home now and starting to get used to the smaller way to living space and the RV life. Love our RV park, the people living here and we are so happy we did this change at this time in our lives.

We are saving almost $5,000.00 a month since selling the house and all the other stuff to run the home like the mortgage, cable, electric, water softeners etc.
Our space rent now is $180.00 a month including water & trash and we pay electric and cable. Its too good to be true. Ron just got done built these stairs for me since I use a cane for my bad leg & recovering from back surgery. They are 4" high and it is so much better than the steps that came with the 5th wheel.

Love the landing. Bought ourselves a golf cart to ride around the park and visit. There is a good size pond almost in our back yard and friendly ducks galore.
Catch & release for the pond and it's just so peaceful here. Zoey my terrier mix loves this life too.Life is great & we are so blessed. P.s. See the duck in front looks like he has no head, but he does lol.

We are glad to be part of the Alliance family. God Bless
Ron & Lanie Blackmon


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It sounds like you are living your dream!Just curious;did you move out of Cali?
Welcome to the club.


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Well we lived our lives in CA. But before we bought the 5th wheel, my so-called g/f of 22 years, told us to come stay in their west wing in Jacksonville Florida. So what we kept, we shipped in a pod to Jacksonville. Long story short, it didn't work out on her end and we left after being in Florida for 1 1/2 weeks. I think I was shocked the whole trip back to CA. when we got here, we were homeless and stayed at Hampton inn for 2 weeks until we bought the Alliance. It's been non-stop since April for us. Had to ship the pod back and hubby bought a pre runner Toyota while in Florida, so we came home to CA with 2 vehicles. Everything worked out and it just flowed. In Jacksonville, it was a night mare.