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Fridge Problems with new Everchill 17cuft. Residential

Nevada miner

New member
* Hey folks.

We bought a new Valor 40v13 in April 2022.
In late May our Everchill 17cuft fridge quit cooling within the chill box. The freezer was cold for the most part.
I contacted the dealer which was no help, then Alliance who put it on me to try to locate a service person to come to my location. They never contacted me back for status update or anything else. Last time I spend a 100 grand with this outfit. Anyway just to help all of you having this same issue and the lack of true customer service, Contact Everchill ( The Way Corp) . They care about you and yours. I explained the problem. They took my info and are shipping me a brand new Fridge.
Alliance should take Notice of True Customer Service. 100 Grand doesn't grow on trees.