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Dead 12V battery in spite of Solar


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We have just became the owners of 2023 Paradigm with a solar panel already installed on the roof. The dealer also put in 2 acid 12V batteries and as we were explained the key function of the solar panel is to charge 12V battery.
Got home, parked the rig, two days later there is 0 juice in 12V. Looked at the fuse panel insides the coach - nothing is tripped. In the generator compartment all the wires seem to be connected (no loose wires).

Also probably worth mentioning, during the PDI, the batteries were not charged when the tech opened the generator compartment, which I thought was strange as they are the dealer supposed to fill/charge everything up, but, possibly due to our lack of experience, we didn’t make a big deal out of this. The tech connected the coach to the shore line and battery got fully charged.
This morning got in touch with the dealer - Tacoma RV; they said someone will contact us from the Service department on Monday, which is frustrating since we have a trip planned.

While waiting on the service guys to call in, would really appreciate if someone will give me some clues of what could be causing this (faulty battery?, bad connection to solar?, bad solar panel?, etc). Also any advice on handling service calls would be appreciated as well. This is our first RV and we were so excited to finally pick one up! Now it’s just sitting there dead in the water.


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I would need more info to more accurately guide you. how many watts of solar on the roof? Residential fridge? Are your batteries going flat while plugged in?

the residential fridge can be a power of particularly if it’s neat empty as it will be running through an inverter and losing at least 20% efficiency by doing so. Your batteries may have also suffered permanent damage and may not hold a charge, I would insist on having them replaced.

what does the display on your solar charger indicated?



Congratulations on the new Paradigm. We’re coming up on a year of ownership and really do enjoy ours.

Get rid of the batteries you have and get Lithium Ion - Just my suggestion. You can run them all the way down to just about 0V and do little to no damage to them, and they will still charge back up to full charge capacity.

We have been having similar issues with our 310RL that you are having. My guess is that when you discovered the problem you are having your Inverter was flashing an E-1 error, and your battery charge was less than 12v. The problem is capacity - your solar panel combined with the batteries is not enough to keep the refrigerator powered for more than a couple of days. When you add the draw from the Frig, the inverter, and your solar controller/battery charger, the solar panel cannot provide enough juice to keep the batteries sufficiently charged. We have 2 Renogy 100AH batteries and a 320W solar panel, along with a Renogy 60MTT solar controller / battery charger, and a 2KW inverter. I spoke to Alliance Service yesterday and they told me I need to add another battery along with another panel of the same capacity to provide the added capacity we need to keep our refrigerator running for a few days, along with minimal power usage in the rig. We’re looking at about $2300 to upgrade our current solar system.

Call Alliance Service and ask to speak to a Solar expert to get info specific to your rig.

Good luck…Bill


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Same issue here. Just picked up my 382RK and after getting it home and into storage, I notice the charge controller is showing night mode and not charging the battery (daytime). I checked the wires into the controller and noticed the negative from the panel was loose. I retightened it but it was still not charging the battery mid day. Battery later drained down to nothing. It's currently at the shop awaiting diagnosis.