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ClearSource filter & OnTheGo water softener install in a 32RLS


Summary: We wanted to install the filter and water softener and accomplish 4 things:
1. Permanent install so it’s not part of our set-up/tear-down to do list
2. Install behind the basement wall, so we don’t take up valuable storage space
3. Install in a way we could access and remove it fairly easily for maintenance (filter change & WS recharge)
4. Secure the equipment so it's less likely to walk away, than if it was sitting outside. (These things are kinda pricey).

Here’s how we did it:
Filter and WS installed behind the new wall (90 deg. blue tape) that we'll put in place of the old wall (diagonal tape)

Flexilla Hose made it easy with no kinks. Quick disconnects will make it easy to remove for maintenance outside.

Everything is connected with 90 degree elbows, quick disconnects, and Flexilla short hoses. Filter will be secured to the floor. WS will be secured at top rope to ceiling and by a strap to the filter housing. Should be secure.

Water comes in through blue hose, over wall, through filter, then WS, then back over wall to Nautilus inlet with a water meter to measure gallons. We will put a Water Pressure Regulator between the blue and green hose connection so pressure is regulated before it enters any system.

We went with this method instead of the hard plumbed PEX solution we've seen others do for simplification, and the flexibility to remove, or move things around if needed.


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yeah, this is a great looking setup. I think you've inspired me - now I just have to figure out how to convince my wife that we NEED this too!


A little update:
Did a full on pressure test with everything in place. Had a couple of small leaks (like a drip per minute or less). Pulled it all out, re did the 3 connections that were leaking and pressure tested outside the coach. All was good and reinstalled behind the wall. Tested again in place, and all was good again. Didn't take very long. (maybe an hour).
The common issue: I over-tightened some of the connection points, causing the rubber rings to become distorted and ineffective. I'd been warned about that many times, but did it anyway.
Now, you've been warned also..........