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B&W Companion - Initial setup help, 4 hours from camper


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Greetings all.

I'm hoping that I can get my B&W Companion setup before going to retrieve my 340RL. The camper is about 5 hours away, and I'd like to do my best to set up the hitch and not have to fiddle with it on-site. Based on this post by JWalker, I think I can estimate about 50" as the pin height on a 'similar' leveled trailer. If someone with a Paradigm, and/or more specifically, a 340RL could confirm, you'd be my hero. :)

B&W Companion owners will know that the socket post can be installed in 1 of 2 positions. I understand that the orientation is largely based on where he gooseneck ball is located in the truck. For me, the ball is nearly directly over the axle. So I believe that position 2 (center of the hitch) would be the position I use.

The biggest thing I'm trying to accomplish is properly locating the pivot arms. There are 9 different positions allowing for horizontal and vertical adjustment.

If it helps at all, the TV is a 2013 Chevrolet Ext Cab 4WD DRW Duramax with 8' bed. (5200lb payload. Won't be the most powerful truck ever, but should get the job done)

I believe that if I can get the following 2 measurements, then I can be confident in an accurate setup:
1. Measurement from ground to middle of clamped area of pin from a leveled comparable unit.
2. Measurement from center of pin to farthest corner of the cap (will help determine horizontal pivot arm position for tightest turn angle)

This may be a pipe dream, but I like to try and be as prepared as possible. I'll still take tools, including a torque wrench.
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