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Ken Thomas

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I know I'm on ownwers forum but must ask question. Over all are owners satisfied with alliance and quality of units. I see a lot of complaints on slides coming apart and caulking coming out. Understand that these are rolling houses, but am retired and this is last unit we can afford to buy. Thanks Ken


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There's been some repairs I've had to make. But overall, we couldn't be happier. We're also retired and this will be the last one for us too. We went from a Montana High Country to a Paradigm 340rl. The Montana was a '14, way before the upsurge in people wanting rv's. Going thru some old papers before I traded it in, I found I had it at the dealer several times for repairs. The first 2 times were to fix a total of 16 things.

So far the only major problem we've had, is the 2 windows on each side of the dresser have a small leak if it rains hard or I wash the rv. That's being addressed by a local dealer next week.


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Congratulations and welcome!

We love our 340RL, and Alliance has been great to work with. I am pleased with both the purchase and the Brand.

That being said, we've had some issues. Things to keep an eye out for:
  • Hydraulics were hooked up backwards for the rear four jacks. (Trying to extend the left would extend the right, etc)
  • Leaky hose collar connecting the water pump to the nautilus.
  • Leaking shower drain. Connection was cross-threaded at a joint.
  • USB by couch came un-crimped and connector fell off, leaving bare wires.
  • Hot neutral in the panel to the middle AC unit, tripping the breaker.
  • Dining room slidewall that bows out when the slide is extended.
  • Leaking bedroom slide when closed. (Still diagnosing, assuming debris got under the seal. Suggest slide toppers if you don't already have them).
  • Toilet seems to leak from the base randomly. Seems to be an internal plumbing leak that I'd have to pull the toilet to diagnose.
Overall, relatively 'small' QC issues that I expected from any brand new unit from any manufacturer. I blame the industry, not Alliance.

My only 'real complaint' about the unit after 6 months of ownership is the front docking/cap-light. It's at the very top of the cap and only illuminates the far end of the hood of the truck. It's essentially useless.