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    Propane Leak

    I would call alliance and see if your propane is part of the recall. It may not be the issue but a good start. If this is not already resolved I would “Walk” the hoses and look for any signs of rubbing or wear on the rubber. If you don’t find anything there start checking the connection points...
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    New Avenue 32RLS owner from LA (lower Alabama)

    Congratulations on the new trailer! This is our 340RL we named it the “Black Pearl”. I broke the auto level Jack on our first trip so she became a peg legged pirate ship 😂
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    We have a Chevy 3500 Dually and previously owned a Valor and now have a 340RL. We have the BW Companion hitch and used the RotoFlex on both trailers. We were always mindful of our approach when backing in since they are a little close to the door with the tailgate down. We never had a problem...
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    WiFi thermostat suggestions

    We use the Micro-Air and it is finicky with the wifi. You have to enter the information manually and upper and lower case matter along with the spaces. Once it is all typed exactly it will work. For the furnace ac you have to tell the unit what type of furnace you have. We haven’t tried another...
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    Internet cabinet

    Hey Jim, I just saw this and that is a great solution. The way you have it designed you don’t have to move it once it is in place? My hillbilly engineering was going to be a schedule 40 PVC using a heavy duty suction cup and secure it to the side of the trailer when parked. The problem is having...
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    Audio system upgrades - what have you done?

    We did a LG Dolby Atmos sound bar with wireless rear speakers and wireless sub woofer for a 7.1 surround sound. Definitely overkill but amazing sound quality.
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    Internet cabinet

    Hey Jim, I was thinking about our conversation yesterday and elevating the poynting antenna. Do you have any friends with 3D printers? Having a 3D printed spacer would work extremely well. If you do, I would be interested in buying a spacer for mine also.
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    Internet cabinet

    We installed the PepWave Max Transit Duo and the Poynting antenna on the roof. We used the storage cabinet on the driver side to mount it on the wall. Overall we have been very happy with the internet considering it is cellular based. We cannot wait for satellite Internet nationwide.
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    Garage modification

    Hey All, I wanted to see what your garage is being used for? We are looking for any creative ideas that we can implement into ours.
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    Garage cabinetry

    Hey Jim, you need to add a “Garage cabinetry” thread for us Valor owners. I have a discussion topic but do not have a proper place to put the tread.
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    GMC Pro Trailer camera

    We tried to make the GM camera work and it just won’t! The invisible trailer feature only works on short trailers. We have a 44’ Valor and it was an afternoon wasted putting it up.
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    Venturesomecouple (Chris, Martha & Cali)

    Good morning Allies, We (Chris, Martha, & Cali ~Rottweiler) are traveling in our Valor 42V13. We have a passion for adventure and love sharing tips, trips, and experiences on our YouTube channel Venturesomecouple. We look forward to chatting and meeting you all at the rally’s or on the road.