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Spray head on kitchen faucet

I'm a new Paradigm 340RL owner. The kitchen sink faucet sprayer is nice and powerful, but the regular stream is very weak, like it's clogged. It takes forever just to fill my coffee pot. Any advice on how to increase the flow?



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That worked! All clear now. Thanks.
That happens a LOT on new RV's as the tanks are cut on site and small pieces of plastics fall into the tank. There is really no other way to cut the opening. Glad it was an easy fix. PS...you should go check all faucets. :)

Mary S

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Try removing the faucet from the hose and seeing if the filter is clogged.
We had that same issue. Had a hard time removing the faucet head. I believe there should have been a key for it. Very difficult to remove but when I did get it off the filter was filled with tiny rocks. That was the problem. We own the Paradigm 385fl 2022.