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Steve Carlson

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In a previous post that I made on our used 2021 340RL that we just purchased. We had an Anderson gooseneck adapter already installed on the Roto flex pin box. I told the dealer to remove the gooseneck adapter before we picked it up. They tried to remove just the gooseneck adapter; it wasn't budging. They had a Rhino Box Pin Box available, so they replaced the pin box with the Rhino. I'm assuming that the Roto Flex rides better than the Rhino. This will be towed by my 2022 Chev 3500 LB SRW. I've read that the Rhino could be 4" shorter than the Roto Flex and a PITA to hook up on a long bed because the open tailgate may hit the front door of the RV. I will have the BW Companion hitch in the bed. Looking for some direction. I feel what I want to do is just purchase a new Roto Flex pin box and call it good.


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I feel what I want to do is just purchase a new Roto Flex pin box and call it good.
I know you've been trying to save money whereever you can and I completely understand that. I don't know if the Roto Flex would be better than the Rhino, but I'm very happy with our Roto Flex / Companion combination.


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We have a Chevy 3500 Dually and previously owned a Valor and now have a 340RL. We have the BW Companion hitch and used the RotoFlex on both trailers. We were always mindful of our approach when backing in since they are a little close to the door with the tailgate down. We never had a problem with hitting the door or clearances being too tight.

We did switch out the Valor pin box to a Lippert TrailAir (Airbag) style and we really liked it. On our Paradigm we have the MORRyde pin box and find that the height is good and the clearance is about the same as the RotoFlex but it has a smoother towing experience.