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*READ ME BEFORE POSTING* - For Sale: Used Vehicles

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Updated: 27-Nov-2022

  • The purpose of this forum is to have a space for Alliance RV owners who have excess or no longer used RV related or RV Lifestyle related items they would like to offer for sale or for free to other forum members
  • This specific forum is not for listing a Tow Vehicle or RV related items for sale. See other For Sale sub-forums for those.

  • Intended users of this forum are Alliance RV owners
  • This forum is not for use by dealers and commercial sellers. This forum is not for private individuals who buy and sell parts/products. It's simply for Alliance RV owners who find themselves with something they no longer need.
  1. Create your own new thread for your listing. Don't add onto someone else's
  2. List only items relevant to this particular For Sale forum
  3. Include all of the minimum details listed below in How to Create a Listing
  4. Be careful with comments on someone else's listing. Especially about pricing. If you disagree with an asking price or are interested and wish to negotiate, contact the seller. Do not negotiate or otherwise disparage the item lister about their pricing in public
For an effecting listing, at a minimum, include the following in your listing:
  • Model year or age
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Description
  • Picture(s) of relevant
  • Asking Price
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email and or Phone
  • Contact the Forum Admin with any questions about the For Sale forums - Click Here
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