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Dryer vent location in Avenue 32RLS


New member
drilling a dryer vent hole through a wall in a 2023 Alliance Avenue 32rls anyone drill a hole 6" up and 6" from the left side of the closet? That would be a straight shot out for my Slendide dryer. My concern is hooking up the vent and hitting any obstruction. Ty

Jim Beletti

Owner Experience Liaison
Staff member
Hello @Ricky and welcome to the forum. I don't have a direct answer for you on this but I have 3 ideas:
  1. Call our office tomorrow and ask for Avenue sales - 574-226-0140

  2. When you do proceed, tape off your area with masking tape, then use a tiny drill bit or a finish nail, and probe through the interior decor board into the wall. Careful on your depth. You only need to probe 1/4" deep. You're trying to miss aluminum framing

  3. If your unit is stored outside, with the interior warmed up, go out and look at the sidewall in the cooler morning air to see if you can tell where the framing is from the outside