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Bed frame falling apart


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Has anyone gone in and rebuit their bed frame? We have a 340 and the bed frame is coming a part. The large staples they are using are not holding the front end together.

Looking for pics and suggestions.

Jim Beletti

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I don't have any pictures but I had a similar situation and I had it repaired around rally time last year. The factory service guy removed the staples where needed and used screws. He may have used some additional 2x2s too. Can't remember.

You'll need to remove your mattress and remove the plywood deck at the head of the bed frame to expose the framing in order to come up with a plan to repair it. I think once you see how it's put together and where it's pulling apart, it will inform a plan of attack.


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We also have a 340RL and would love to see pictures of the issue you are having. Then I can keep an eye on ours, should anything start to happen.


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I noticed mine separating on the valor. If you can, extra blocking like the 2x2 suggested, some glue and screws will do it.