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385FL Suburban Gas Furnace stopped working


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Just took my new 385FL for a shakedown. Cold (below freezing) weather. Furnace worked fine for at least 24 hours, but sometime in the night stopped. No fan running, no sound of auto-light. On shore power. Battery at 13.6V. Checked propane - not empty. (Gas range still works fine). Moved to second tank - no change. Checked fuze panel - no signs of open fuze. It was cold enough that I imagine the furnace ran continuously for more than 24 hours before it stopped. Any suggestions?
Added: have not checked thermostat to see that it is operating - but it was before furnace stopped, and tried to recycle it though to heat several times. Thermostat set to 75F.
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I Have a 340RL, living/travling full time and have been dealing with a furnace since Oct that continually blows the fuse in the thermostat. Alliance has authorized tech to come out several times to diagnose and fix problem. Every fix Alliance and suburban have allowed have not worked. Every component has been changed out except the furnace itself. Tech talked to Alliance and suburban at the same time and put a new control board on furnace that lasted less the 7 hours, so back to square one. Alliance is sending a new control board AGAIN. We have been living in colder temps where we get up to trailer inside temps of low of 39 and ave about 42 degree every morning. Not sure how much longer we can do this.